Learn Python

If you have read through a few modules on this website, I am sure you have noticed that Python plays a vital role in all of the Dynamo scripts. Python is an easy to learn, dynamic programming language that allows us to access the Dynamo Library, Autodesk Revit API and any other external library to work with. This opens up a huge amount of possibilities in Dynamo as we are no longer confined by the out of the box nodes, we can start creating our own.

As this website focuses mainly on jumping in to practical Dynamo scripts, I decided to put together a basic Python course which focuses more on the basics of the Python programming language in Dynamo. This provides an introduction into some of the programming principles that can be hard to grasp when learning from scratch, such as classes, looping and importing libraries.

You can find my Python course over at Lynda and LinkedIn Learning, links below. Hope you enjoy!

Lynda Link
LinkedIn Link